To be the best tax advisor to high-net-worth individuals and small businesses.


To provide accurate tax services and practical tax advice.



We honor our word, adhere to ethical tax practices, and have an ongoing commitment to doing what’s right.


At the heart of our business is our commitment to serve our clients. We put forth our professional best – providing the highest quality of service possible while also being responsive. We strive to ensure our work product is 100 percent accurate, while constantly seeking ways to improve our clients’ experience with us.


We believe it is our responsibility as professionals to foster an environment of continuous learning, continually improving processes to greater serve client needs and leveraging technology for efficiency and accuracy.


In order to provide sustainable, long-term service to clients, the firm must be committed to the financial success of the entity and its people.

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AD Tax Advisors, PLLC is a tax-only accounting firm that provides tax and business consulting services to businesses and high-net-worth individuals

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